PACE System
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PACE Results

Top 10 results organizations experience after implementing the PACE System:

10. Leadership steers, governs and guides at a strategic level rather than managing “in the weeds”

9. Decisions are based on prioritization, service level agreements and company resources rather than external or emotional influences

8. Clarified ownership, authority and accountability that generates positive communication

7. Higher level of engagement from workforce through role expansion

6. Synchronized work efforts that decrease cycle time and improve quality in results

5. Simplified manual processes and the right use of technology to support automation for speed and accuracy

4. Self-managed and self-directed workforces aligned to strategic priorities with the ability to shift alignment as priorities change

3. Individual contributors can see how they affect the success of the organization

2. Change is handled without repeated ‘All Hands’ Meeting

And the #1 Result…
1. Permission to do the right things for the organization instead of doing things “because we have always done them that way!”

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