Direct Effect Solutions, Inc., an EDGE and DBE certified company in the state of Ohio, has been delivering consulting, training and coaching services since 2004. Through expert analysis and facilitation, we serve as a catalyst for change by teaching organizations to optimize their resources, including time, money and people.

DES Results

Top 10 results organizations experience after implementing DES Programs:

10. Leadership steers, governs and guides at a strategic level rather than managing “in the weeds.”

9. Decisions are based on prioritization, service level agreements and company resources rather than external or emotional influences.

8. Clarified ownership, authority and accountability that generates positive communication.

7. Higher level of engagement from workforce through role expansion.

6. Synchronized work efforts that decrease cycle time and improve quality in results.

5. Simplified manual processes and the right use of technology to support automation for speed and accuracy.

4. Self-managed and self-directed workforces aligned to strategic priorities with the ability to shift alignment as priorities change.

3. Individual contributors can see how they affect the success of the organization.

2. Change is handled without repeated ‘All Hands’ Meeting.

And the #1 Result…

1. Permission to do the right things for the organization instead of doing things “Because we have always done them that way!”


Mindy Price – Chief PACE Setter

Mindy Price is the owner and founder of Direct Effect Solutions, as well as creator of the PACE System. Her professional experience spans more than 20 years of training, education and organization management. Mindy Price is an expert in human behavior and change management techniques.

Mindy has demonstrated strong organizational development and change management disciplines through development and delivery of strategic planning, strategy execution, enterprise risk management, project management and organization design. The synthesis of these experiences allows Mindy to blend leadership, process design and technology support from a global, strategic perspective.

Gabrielle Jaquays – Online Administration and Co-Facilitator

Gabrielle Jaquays is based in Buffalo, NY and provides online administration and co-facilitation for DES. She has experience assisting Mindy by co-facilitating team building sessions and helping with profiling assessment tools. She has 7 years of experience working in student affairs, where she has become a master in helping people achieve their goals and improve both professionally and personally.

Looking to the future with DES, Gabrielle is excited to get more involved with the online environment of management consulting as much of her professional experience has been working with online students and virtual classrooms.