A private property development company, with nearly 200 employees, developed a new strategic plan and needed to align existing staff to the plan in order to execute newly outlined direction of the company.  Staff was culturally divided into those that were future, growth-focused, engaged staff and those staff members that were clinging to traditional behaviors, wanting to keep doing what they had been always been doing in the past.


Direct Effect Solutions (DES) started with a current-state assessment conducted through focus group discussions, one-on-one interviews, team meetings and daily work observations.  As a result of this assessment, DES identified that the root cause of the cultural divide was a lack of clarity for what behaviors, systems, tools and processes were to be started, stopped and preserved.  As the new initiatives began, leadership had not been clear about what business processes or systems were being replaced, resulting in confusion, redundancy and gaps in work products.  DES collaboratively defined role and responsibility matrices aligned to the new strategy while mapping them to past practice to identify tasks to start, stop and continue.


Transformed the culture into a united company focused on future growth and strategy.  Reduced 1MM in redundant process and procedure operating expenses.  Created standard operating procedures and a high performing workforce.