A private long-term care facility, with 200 employees, conducted a satisfaction survey with the results showing a highly disengaged, disgruntled workforce.  They were seeking guidance in how to address and correct the concerns outlined within the survey results.


Direct Effect Solutions (DES) performed a thorough review and discussion of the satisfaction report and observations from the leadership team.  DES conducted focus group discussions with the staff and observed existing meetings and work activities.  DES interviewed key staff in addition to leaders on a one-on-one basis.  These discovery activities showed a lack of consistent leadership direction and accountability from the senior leadership team.  Employees felt like some peers had special privileges while others did not, and many were disgruntled as a result.  It was also determined there had been a limited amount of leadership development and soft skills training provided to employees throughout the facility.  To address this gap, DES conducted leadership development training and established common practices for performance management and performance expectations, as well as facilitated soft-skills training throughout the organization to establish common language and performance expectations.


New code of conduct for behaviors and accountabilities established for every level in the organization. Increased competency in both leadership and followership throughout the organization. The survey results in the following year showed significant increase in satisfaction across the facility.