A transportation sector public agency, with nearly 150 employees, had a new executive leader replacing an executive with over 37 years in the agency. The new leader’s combination of relative youth and leadership style differences were met with resistance from the staff.


Change management consultants from Direct Effect Solutions (DES) worked with the new executive and direct-reporting staff to determine existing desires, needs and norms. DES then mediated sessions with the extended staff to discuss existing expectations within organization and how those could connect to the new leader.  Coming full circle, DES coached the new leader to receive the feedback from the staff with a positive, optimistic approach to build rapport and connection across the organization.


Defined new communication channels and meeting types, frequency and agendas that met stakeholders’ expectations. Reset cultural norms and defined a new code of conduct for the organization.  Rallied everyone around the new beginnings and opportunities in the future through a common team-building experience.  To ensure success, DES continued to provide coaching in one-on-one sessions with the new leader, as well as direct reports to support adopting the new behaviors and expectations.