A large distribution company, with over 1000 employees across multiple locations, was experiencing increasing challenges with employee engagement. As a warehouse and distribution business, leaders tended to be more directive and punitive because of the focus on safety. The company identified a need to broaden the leader’s capabilities through coaching techniques while maintaining an environment focused on safety.


The company identified a team of six high-performing leaders to become master coaches and work with Direct Effect Solutions (DES).  These leaders represented each of the six geographical areas for the company.  DES facilitated a coach-the-coach master coaching certification course customized to their company’s environment. Each of the six leaders became company-certified coaches and rolled out the coaching programs within each of their locations.  DES conducted the six-week program and followed up with observations of the company-certified coaches in each of their locations 30, 60 and 90-days after completion.


Five years after implementation, the coaching program was still being used and has resulted in increased productivity, decreased disciplinary activities and decreased turnover.