A transportation sector public agency, with over 500 employees ,was in the process of reviewing and revising the strategic plan.  The outdated strategic plan referenced projects that had never been completed or work efforts that were no longer applicable. The agency was seeking a realistic strategic plan with actionable tasks and metrics.


Direct Effect Solutions (DES) reviewed existing documentation, including the current strategic plan and project documents that represented work in progress. DES lead an off-site strategic planning retreat with executive leadership to refine the mission, vision, values and strategic direction for the agency based on current environmental factors and indicators for future business. After reviewing the current portfolio of work in progress, DES collaborated with agency leadership to clearly define the actionable tasks that integrated the current work in progress into the future goals and projects. DES developed effort estimates for the integrated strategy to determine if staffing levels and positions were appropriate for the necessary work. After completion of this draft, a broader team used experience and expertise to validate the estimates, identify gaps and draft action plans for now, next and future actions.  DES drafted metrics to mark progress and identify milestones for review and drafted a communication strategy for key roles to deliver consistent messages to all staff.


Communication of a realistic strategic plan that incorporated existing work in progress and accounted for resource needs to be allocated to new goals and projects.